Sometimes u don’t know the reason why you are lost and meanwhile your eyes get wet…..the tears starts flowing,,, and u are in another world…… lost in some one… some ones abyssal world!!!


Why tears today have come….

Why tears today have wet my eyes?

Who is he…..? Who does not flow with my tears

Slowly he is becoming ma own being,

Making me divine and pure…

May he get to know…

That every night I see the moon, and his face…..

And that  lost embrace..!

Who is he…?

Who stays in me…in my lost eyes!

Who has vanished away, but stays inside…..

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  • Jane Campbell on Sep 6, 2010

    Beautiful writing!! I wish I could write poetry that way.

  • carissimi on Sep 6, 2010


  • myapple on Oct 7, 2010

    Purity of feelings is overcoming in this write.Smart and talking write.

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