A poem, or more a song.. I dont know which it would fall into, I wrote after my wife left me.

You Said Forever, When did it become a lie
you promised eternity, yet you chose to fly
neither of us altered is what you say
yet you still, you did, you left that day.

words could never do the justice
of how i felt
when you were there before me
on your knees you knelt

you were likemy star, my sole saviour
oh do me a favour, oh do me a favour oh x2

im still the same, same old me
but you ran, you jumped, just had to flee
what changed in that week my kirst
did you get the itch, that undying first?

i ask myself every minute every day
if i saw you again, what the hell would i say
always the same question, in my mind it savourss

do me a favour, oh, do me favour oh

I see the flowers, turqousie and black
little Tayt hiding behind my back
lazy sundays in the park
picknicking till way after dark

the dream still lives on,
just a man in a life long con
our life was on the up, could only get better
untll the day you sent me that letter

just do me a favour a favour oh x2

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