I can’t wait til spring, this winter has been so dull with out all the colors…

I see them now,

Peeking through the ground;

Trying to escape into the world,

The rose buds are forming

And wildflowers are pushing through the frost

Don’t come too soon,

Bad weather is on it’s way in,

It’s stop your life before it’s even began;

Though I can hardly wait to smell you,

Fragrant scents spreading everywhere,

Bringing the barren land into bloom,

Vibrant colors magnifying the dull earth;

Reds and Blues, Pinks and Yellows,

Brightening everything around you!

I can hardly wait…

Liked it
  • A Bromley on Dec 28, 2011

    Me too and this is a very lovely poem. Love the visual it brings to mind. Spring, such a lovely season, so filled with promise and wonder. Love this poem.

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