This is a poem about reflecting back on life when things get tough and becoming sick and who is there to stand by you in life and who will remember you when you need them the most. It is a test of strength of love and faith and the will to survive when you find it hard to do.

Will You Remember Me??


Will you remember me having been born and the first time I cried and took my first breath?


Will you remember when I took my first step and tried my first foods? The look on my face when I didn’t like something, or was scared? The first time I tried a new food unsure if I would like it? Will you remember that or will you forget all about it? Will you remember the smile on your face when you first saw mine?


Will you hear my voice and remember me when I spoke my first word?

Will you remember the first story we read together and the first time we looked at pictures together. Will you think of me when I started growing up and we took our first family trip together and looking back at all the pictures we took together? Will you remember me or will you forget that I once was small and lived at home? Will you remember all the memories created over a lifetime and keep them close?


And will you remember when I first became an adult and I moved out on my own for the first time? Will you remember me when I am discovering the world on my own, learning to live a whole new life, and experiencing things as things change all around each and every day or will you forget all about me??


If I get lost will you take my hand and show me the way or will you just expect me to find it on my own? When I get scared will you ease my fears or will you let me be afraid until I can’t breathe? And when I am standing alone by myself looking for a friend will you look for me and remember I am here or will you forget that I exist?


Will you remember me when I first told you that I was sick? Will you remember the emotions that I first felt? The first time I went to the doctor and they told me the news things would never get better?


Will you remember the first look of fear in my eyes as I learned my life would one day come to an end? When I would learn that my health would never be the same again. Will you remember the constant pain I felt as things got worse and breathing became harder as time went on? Will you remember the many Dr. appointments I had to undergo to just try and keep another day going and the tears roll down my face because I now live in a world of uncertainty and a time limit. How long is up to God.


Will you remember me when I am gone? Will you remember the sound of my voice and laughter? Will you keep the memories we made alive? Will you remember to talk to me every day as if I am still here? because I will still be able to hear you and who knows… I might just be able to answer you back. Are you listening? I will be. Will you remember to hold the ones who matter the most to you close to your heart and tell them you love them and how much they mean or will life pass on by as just another day? Just remember I will be watching you and I will always be with you no matter where you may be.


Will you remember me and the way I felt when we touched in an embrace? Will you remember my smile on my face when I looked at yours? Will you remember the life I had? Will you remember me when I’m just a distant memory in the stars above? When I am gone will you take the love that we shared and carry it with you in your heart and hold it there as it will only grow deeper and stronger each day? Never forget the love that we shared because I will be in every beat of your heart no matter where you are at with a smile. I will always remember you where ever I am and never forget that I was once here.


Will you remember to remember me?

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