Racial blackmail takes place in various work places and some of the organisations around have elements like these progating subtle hatred to people of a different community. Have you been a victim???

Sometimes love has a different meaning,
Not of moving and not of screaming.
It is the love in the contrary,
To help a person become real Visionary.

He was a boy with the love of lace,
He had the mother with shining Grace.
She was the anthem of his pride and joy,
He was to her like the only boy.

They were together a family of eight,
It was their oneness in time of fate.
For they were brought up religiously,
And lived as children harmoniously.

He had always been a difficult boy,
Who loved to run and life life enjoy.
He had the brains that made him great,
But his lust for women twisted his fate.

He had the greatest love for his mother,
Who was his vision and life, no other.
She learnt he always did the contrary,
And spoke to him in words of simile.

He is the man of my recurring dreams,
The loving caring one that never screams.
He is the one who is the confused Visionary,
And believes in the life of contrary.

I always love to tell him I hate you,
And he would reply I Hate you too.
For hate in his language actually means love,
He is the gift of the one from Above.

He was the one who made me ME,
He is the one in my Mystery.
He lives on the edge and follows a dream,
The life that even his mother does scream.

He has the heart which is made of gold,
He cannot be bought and cannot be sold.
But praises of his deeds fills him with regret,
He views each person as an individual project.

He goes to them to extend a hand,
He walks with them till they understand.
Gives them all the support internally,
And returns them smiling to their family.

He loves his life and it he does share,
With mindful caricatures beyond compare.
He talks to them and searches their mind,
Helps them with a niche to find.

He is the man with the mortal vision,
To make or break the familial treason.
He creates his life in mortality,
Which gave rise to his mortal frailty.

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