Racial blackmail takes place in various work places and some of the organisations around have elements like these progating subtle hatred to people of a different community. Have you been a victim???

They had already planned their scheme,
All except one in the team.
She was the woman who was never trendy,
But had a penchant for Louis Fendy.

For she was one friendly with the Master key,
Who reported everything to them in mystery.
Although he was extremely discreet and a liar,
She told of his scheme to managerial fire.

For it was by far all about the race,
The language and telling kept them in place.
She will open up the can of worms,
And the rest of them with join the swarms.

For they will say they are mothers and a wife,
They need their jobs and need their life.
He is the black sheep with a vision you see,
And that will add to his woeful misery.

For they are now waiting to pounce on him,
They are aware of his plot and scheme.
For there is yet another Master Key,
Who reads and loves writing poetry.

For women are life men you see,
They discuss their men and compare for free.
They tell their friends about their mate,
And then also discuss why they are late.

It is obvious with the after glow,
It begins to show although slow.
For they work on with a smile,
And people notice it after a while.

For he is but a man who really helped me,
Who gave me the skill and kept me company.
He trained me and gave me the tips in management,
And helped me follow his character in strict regiment.

For he was the man who was on contract,
Who had a problem with how to interact.
He slowly overcame it you see,
But now it adds to his misery.

For he has no idea of feminine clouts,
They are treacherous and work like robots.
Hiding and delving in ideas of contrary,
They are trying to detriment his life as a Visionary.

They are now destroying his family,
Crying hard for his mother’s decree.
But never once did they think and tell,
He was a father and with a family as well.

All they thought of him was his colour,
They made a victim of his vicious lure.
For they were all using his body you see,
To create and gain and add his misery.

For he is a man with a softened heart,
Who plays pain through poetic art.
They all have forgotten his real family,
And created cycle of untold misery.

For he has now started smoking you see,
Because of all the blackmail decree.
They have robbed him of his sleep as well,
And his eyes look bloodshot an colour of hell.

For what have they really done to him,
The have made his family the innocent victim.
He is crying for that undying love,
TO be wanted just like the One Above.

But its his heart thats’ creating a misery,
For it has now a final decree.
For his wife and children want to go away,
And soon there would be no place to stay.

For these women will soon overthrow him,
And make him a mockery of his scheme.
He will then cry and then regret,
Why did I this pathway now select.

For Without a Crime he gave love away,
They were using him for race today.
But one day when it blows into open,
His two edged sword will surely sharpen.

For his frail but mortal curse,
Which would put his family in a hearse.
While these women will slowly laugh,
And say sorry but hey life is tough.

He taught me life is simple, keep it simple,
And I took it from him and became a sample.
He has always treated me like a friend,
And he is to me my angel godsend.

Without Crime I hate him more,
For he in his contrary mind will today soar.
He is now returning back to his family,
As a victim of interracial brutality.

Its not his crime that he is black,
It is his genes so cut him slack.
We all have the Universal blood,
But genes a little more do flood.

Thats what makes us a different colour you see,
The make him a friend in colour contrary.
For it doesn’t matter if you are black or white,
We are all equal in the Creators’ sight.

By Anisha Achankunju in conjunction with the Black community. Its my way of saying I feel for you.(C) 20th March 2011

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