Politics became a matter of money concern, power concern and dirty game but I do not agree with theses things even though I cannot do anything effective in it.

Politics without democracy is no politics!
Democracy without people is no democracy!!
People without money are no people!!!
So let’s pray for democracy that demands no funds to feed politics
But implore for money that feeds no politician.

Politics without equality is no politics!
Equality without government is no equality!!
Government without mother is no government!!!
So let’s plead for equality that produces no mother to feed policy
But request for mother that feeds no politician.

Politics without egalitarianism is no politics!
Egalitarian without classless is no egalitarianism!!
Classless without production is no classless!!!
So let’s ask for egalitarian that bans wealth to feed political affairs
But entreat for production that feeds no politician.

Politics without organization is no politics!
Organization without election is no organization!!
Election without fairness is no election!!!
So let’s urge for organization that abolish too much differ in the society
But call upon fairness that feeds no politician.

Politics without equivalence is no politics!
Equivalence without uniformity is no equivalence!!
Uniformity without industry is no uniformity!!!
So let’s beseech for equivalence that imprison immense campaign contributions
But appeal for industry that feeds no politician.

Politics without similarity is no politics!
Similarity without correspondence is no similarity!!
Correspondence without legislation is no correspondence!!!
So let’s supplicate for similarity that regulate huge financial support
But ask for legislation that feeds no politician.

Politics without families is no politics!
Families without mortgage are no family!!
Mortgage without agreement is no mortgage!!!
So let’s solicit for families that does not mortgage on their house
But apply for agreement that feeds no politician.

Politics without honesty is no politics!
Honesty without justice is no honesty!!
Justice without harmony is no justice!!!
So let’s inquire for honesty that rise fund for war and the peace
But pose for harmony that feeds no politician.

Politics without media is no politics!
Media without information is no media!!
Information without coverage is no information!!!
So let’s put for media that give voters intense information they need
But rise for coverage that feeds no politician.

Politics without fund is no politics!
Fund without leadership is no fund!!
Leadership without popularity is no leadership!!!
So let’s query for fund that raise money as an indicator of ability to sell oneself
But question for popularity that feeds no politician.

Politics without truth is no politics!
Truth without investment is no truth!!
Investment without uprightness is no investment!!!
So let’s request for truth that engage politicians too smart to engage
But vote for uprightness that feed no politician..

Politics without reliability is no politics!
Reliability without problem is no reliability!!
Problem without policy is no problem!!!
So let’s hunt for reliability that campaign finance reform to slow the flow of money
But inquire about for policy that feed no politician.

Politics without power is no politics!
Power without reality is no power!!
Reality without question is no reality!!!
So let’s seek out for power that invest in opposite directions from business
But foyer for question that feed no politician.

Politics without revolution is no politics!
Revolution without precision is no revolution!!
Precision without answer is no precision!!!
So let’s vestibule for revolution that retain a hard-core view of what was good for the people
But atrium for answer that feed no politician.

Politics without the USA is no politics!
The USA without China is no USA!!
China without Russia is no China!!!
So let’s pray for the USA that demands no UK to feed politics
But call upon for Russia that feed no France.

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