Punchlines and wordplay in a flow of rhymes. Part four of a series.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words….

Well have they seen the words in this hot flow?

One of my words is worth a thousand pictures….

Painted by Pi-ca-sso,

Didn’t ever want to be too little

Now I’m almost too much

Don’t worry, I close like Rob Horry

Wow I’m almost too clutch,

Like a broken transmission…

Or no key for the ignition, You’re not going any-where

Lyrical God on this shit and I’m not taking any-prayers

Say whatever I want through this because I don’t have any-cares

And this…. This…. This isn’t any-thing

Life is a movie, but I don’t stick to the script in any scenes

You have to go through many nightmares in order to get to many dreams

It seems, 

I’m steal-your-board game-insane, meaning I can leave you Clue-less

How can he do this? Revealing pure lyricism, Poetical nudist

Marijuana Nirvana, smoke until I’m Buddhist

The best since…. Well… just let me prove it

I’m 180 crazy, Come let me reverse your psychology

Lyrical Machine; Alien technology

UFO fly in the sky, but nobody is spottin’ me

Drugs, Bitches, Bragging… what could the next topic be? 

You should just watch’n see… 

Mary Jane takes me to my astral plane, Yes she is my showfer

Plus she gets me toasted, I need no toaster 

And I’m out of this world but you can find me on a “Wanted Alive” poster

Because I’m a Wilder than the West Bachelor

The most wanted spouse

All eyes on me like portraits in a haunted house

Like haven’t you seen Scooby Doo?

Shit I forgot the Dooby dude…

Probably because when I wrote that, I hit the doobie too

Food for thought, buffet, but this is no Ruby’s food

Lyrical Don, Get me two Blondes

Through words and herbs I’ll get them into that “We should make a movie” mood

In this black and white world, I just specialize in the grey

Off the charts, On my own graph, my own path, Doing it my own way

New rhymes for a new day

Lyrical beast in me, Lyrics with obesity, Check how much they weigh…

That’s lyrics that carry weight…

Coming up with the type of things people from this planet shouldn’t be able to say

But no need to worry… You see, I come in peace

With only one mission… leave the alphabet deceased…

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