Words can sometimes cause such heartache and pain.

Words are flowing,
Never slowing.
Images of such a glowing.
Words are filled
And never spilled.
Wish I could say, “I was thrilled!”
Words are a constant stir,
Always close by and occur
Will be, such a strong and physical blur.
Words are motionless,
A constant stress.
Wish I could say, “They are flawless.”
Words up bundling up, then down,
Every single one cause such a frown.
Such a cause to the mind that will eventually drown.
Words have become such a burden now,
Such dizziness an origin that somehow
Are always to follow.
If the words are to reveal,
Will all such feelings be an affect to steal
And show you share how I feel?

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  • Ashley89 on Aug 6, 2009

    True in your description about how words can cause heartache and pain….I think everyone has had some sort of pain their life!!!

  • Darla Beck on Aug 8, 2009

    I agree, words do sometimes cause much heartache and pain.

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