I wrote this while at work.

In a plastic bowl I lay restless,
In an empty nest I sing chestless,

Lungs of Styrofoam I float,
Nose of garden gnome I gloat,

With insect eyes I see the truth
A million lies trapped in their youth

Flaming towels hang by showers
Sheep heads sprout out wilting flowers

Telephones sewn to our ears
Oil spills found in our tears

Old cracked skin glued back together
Fractured hearts of worn out leather

Bloodshot eyeballs all turned backwards
Dusty brains locked behind passwords

Towers built of stick and straw
Wolves too weak to lift a paw

Stomachs filled with sour milk
Blindfolded by moth-eaten silk

In my cold cell I sit and stare
In my old well, I drown down there

A universe crowded by so much space
The Earth a beaten, bloody face.

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