Don’t act like you know because I know you dumbfounded 
Yall polygons but I’m well rounded
For some reason I think I jus came here
Or for better words just appeared 
So then y’all can ask my mother how she birthed the kid
The perfect name written alone
Yes I did 
Too many people gettin on my nerves so don’t ask why I don’t pick up the phone
I’m on my journey to find my home
But for now I’m just crashing on earths couch for the night
Mooching off its resources no I don’t think it’s right
Speaking in the past tense then I’ve left
Burdened with being the 101st piece in 100 piece puzzle
Well that’s what I get for doing me
Tired of hearing female dogs bark get a muzzle
I’m 2 seconds from gone so if you want me better hustle
The sleepless nights I’m not there you can find a pillow so you can cuddle
2 sets of eyes so it’s like I’m seeing double
2 times the fury 2 times the trouble 
That’s the perfect couple
Man y’all jus don’t know
Because I barely do
All I know is I’m part of a chosen few
But still uniquely different within 
Talking differences beneath the skin
That make you look from the outward to the in 

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