Was Sunday…

Today my heart feels heavy

Yet this morning I felt really great

Church was a blessing as always

And I know goodness is my fate.

It’s not that it’s been a bad day

I mean everything’s gone quite well

But I don’t do work work on Sundays

So worried thoughts have come for a spell.

It’d be nice if the sun would peek from the clouds

As it’s only done a few times today

The day is comfortable yet dreary

And I can’t seem to find my way.

I’ve done a lot but should do alot more

Almost six, dinner will be in awhile

Maybe I’ll watch a movie as I eat

Then play with the cats to assure I smile.

But whatever I do

Tomorrow starts a new week

So I’ll get up and try again

Even though I’m still up a creek.

As I know God won’t give up on me

If I don’t give up on Him

So I’m expecting it to be a really good week

Even though, I know how to swim…

Liked it
  • Karen Gross on Mar 27, 2012

    If you find yourself up a creek again, reach out for the lifeguard who walks on water, I hear He is pretty good at rescuing people who are floundering.

  • Atanacio on Mar 28, 2012

    what a blessed right.. stand tall and you\’ll shine even on the days you do not work :) I enjoyed this little piece Evelyn

  • qncai on Jul 29, 2012

    Thank share

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