A poem about a very special little woman in my world. We met on Valentine’s day almost three yrs are so ago and have not been apart. We live with our two puppies in Albany, Ky.

 Stand in the hall

and punch at the wall,

and scream and babble to thin air,

but she is standing right there,

it is safer for her to go.

Yet she stays.

In my mind I am always right,

she is always wrong,

we scream our faults at each other,

sometimes all night long.

Yet she stays.

Me and her family fight,

we are like day and night,

which puts her in a stressful light on both sides.

Yet she stays.

Sleepless nights through the mood swings,

and trying to ease me all night,

when I sleep with the horrible dreams.

Yet She stays.

So no matter how hard it gets,

in life’s little game,

I will return the favor,

and always do the same………


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