Found an old pasasge in a book and this is what I came up with.Life doesnt have to be hard if you used common sense and your head first.Its when you dont that the trouble begins.

In your life you will never be sorry,

if you think before you act on things.

That way if you think about it first,

the end consequence could be different.


For hearing people out before judging,

because you could be judging them wrong.

Never judge a book by its cover they say,

that homeless man could be a millionaire.


For forgiving your enemies and their crimes,

but do not ever forget what they did to you.

You can forgive them for what that did then,

but trust isn’t a easy thing to get back at all.


For always being candid and frank about things,

standing firmly on your ground about your beliefs.

Because if you don’t stand up no one will for you,

life is way to short to be someone elses puppet.


For helping a fallen friend when they need it,

even the best of friends need a helping hand.

They may return the favor when you need it,

a best friend is a very hard thing to find at times.


For being honest in all of your business adventures,

in the end something will most always tell on you.

Uncle Sam has his way of knowing your business,

will make you pay what you owe them every time.


For thinking first before speaking your mind,

spoken words are not an easy thing to take back.

But if you think before saying a word to anyone,

there will always be no harsh words to retract.


For being very loyal to your religious beliefs,

it doesn’t really matter what they are or why.

Christian,Catholic,Wicca,Atheist or a Muslin,

staying totally loyal to your faith is very vital.


For firmly standing up for your chosen principles,

this is the one thing that makes us all a human.

If we don’t stand up for what our principles are,

then don’t expect anyone else to do it for you.


For stopping your ears from hearing any gossip,

one can never tell if its big lie or the truth this time.

If more then two know a secret it is then gossip,

gossip has ruined relationships for many centuries.


For binding your slanderous tongue when needed,

sharp tongues are more like a sharpened dagger.

It only takes one sharpened dagger to cause wounds,

sad to have to say that some wounds never heal.


For harbouring decent thoughts if it is even possible,

but in truth we all realize that it is a hard thing to do.

But if you do have to harbour dark thoughts anyway,

please think twice before you act and cause trouble.


For having some empathy for the elderly in your town,

there is no harm in helping where it is very much needed.

This sediment could go for the disabled people as well,

the small things you can do to help them is much appreciated.


For being kind,courteous and respectful when you need to be,

A thank you or a please has not gone out of style as to date.

It wouldn’t hurt you to give a seat to an elderly person either,

some of them don’t get around like they used to at their age.


In your life you will never be sorry for doing the right thing,

the most important tool you have to have is common sense.

That way any consequences you pay may be lightened some,

but then again you may decide to do the right thing instead.

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  • Butterfly Musings on Aug 15, 2010

    Bravo!! an excellent poem:}

  • PARAM on Aug 15, 2010

    great work…………Thanks for share.

  • Melinda J on Aug 15, 2010

    Wonderful poem.

  • Anuradha Ramkumar on Aug 16, 2010

    An excellent poem, but nobody values honesty or true values in life these days. This is the pitiable situation we are now facing.

  • King Coil on Aug 16, 2010

    A poignant,honest look at life through a creative glass. Very nice work.

  • papaleng on Aug 16, 2010

    Words of Wisdom. my friend, you have revealed the true nature of your heart through this well-composed poem.

  • Uma Shankari on Aug 25, 2010

    This was excellent and heart warming. Loved it… seemed to come from the heart..

  • friendshipter on Aug 27, 2010

    Interesting write, very informative.
    Also, you did not do a duplicate comment on my article you
    commented on. You did just fine. Good luck with your life
    and always be good to yourself and to those around you.
    May God give you many many blessings :)

  • friendshipter on Aug 27, 2010

    aLSO, I love your flowers and the flashing lights behind them.
    Nicely done :)

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