A poem about how it feels when you are young and in love. When kissing is everything and you wish you didn’t have a curfew and could stay out all night.

In the bus stop, in a shop door way,

in the streets where we can hide away.

It’s early now, though I’d rather say late,

a few more hours and the sun makes it day.

It’s a long walk now until you leave me at the door,

smiling wide, wanting more.


I don’t want to go to bed.

Too much is going through my head.

I can’t hold my body still,

reeling from the thrill!

I can’t wipe this smile from my face.

If I fall asleep now, then it’s the end of today.


Each moment spent longing for the next time,

Until then my heart just merely beats.

Just existing, waiting, needing,

to be too happy to sleep,

to walk on clouds instead of streets.

To be just you and me.

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