These are the words that ponder in my mind everytime I turn to my partner .. these were his first words as he turned to me…Your Elegance is Your Simplicity.. Oh How I Fall Once Again.

I remember like it was yesterday, yet yesterday repeats everyday, every moment, every second, oh its such a dreamy life

I wake up and every-time I turn to my right I fall once again, there he is, I fall again and again as I watch him while his sleeping, I fall as I watch his every-move, his every-breath…

I fall so heavily like it was the first time I set my heart in tune with his every breath, his movement, his words, his smile, his sense of reflection towards the world, I fall watching his personality blossom, I fall so heavily over and over again, I recognise his every passion, his desire, his just perfection oh how I fall once again..

I fall wishing his every passion, his every desire is full-filled, his dreams coming may know time is limited literally oh how I fall praying this last forever, is this a dream? is he just a dream? oh how I fall once again, there I go falling once again and again and again..oh its such a dreamy life…

I fall praying his every pain is taken away, his every hardship, his every difficulty is vanished like it never happened.. almost turning back time… oh how I fall watching his mental and physical strenght make his way through life, through the battles of life… oh how I fall once again my love….

oh how i fall SO deeply in love, falling in love with you again my true love.. oh how I love you….

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