I wrote this poem about being in love with someone and them not appreciating you until they realize how close they are to losing you.

I can hear it loud and clear
A symphony of words
Dancing in my ear
Telling me exactly what I wanna hear
All the words you could not speak
Yeah, he pronounces them perfectly
With a straight face
Your attempts were strained
Hes funny and organized
You’re sad and lost
So what makes you think I won’t give in to him?
Yeah your shaking now
And I’ve got you found out
Still too good for apology?
I’m sick of you thinking you can walk all over me
So I’ll introduce you to jealousy
Its about time the two of you meet
realize how close you are to losing me
because hes honest, and because you lie
because he says all the right things at the right times
because your constantly choking on your own tongue
Oh, are you worried now?
now that I’m fighting back?
Can you feel that aching in your gut?
Does it hurt just to breathe?
like when you said I was what you need, the air in your lungs
Well, it might be running out
but you see…
hes not you and never will be
your all my heart can see, the one i love
I’m just not sure anymore…
if that can be enough.

Liked it
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