The youth is the hope of the nation.

Dr. Jose Rizal told us once
“The youth is the hope of the land”
But where are the youth now?
You are needed by our motherland

The youth that we are hoping for
Are nowhere to be found
They disregarded their future
They have turn as social problems

Who really are to be blame?
On what’s happening to them?
Government, media or parents?
Answer my question my friend

You have to reform now
The country’s hope rely on you
You still have a lot of chance
To correct your twisted past

We hope that you will not turn down
The appeal of our beloved nation
Most especially our national hero
Who said “you are the hope of the land”

Sinabi ni Gat Jose Rizal noon
“Mga kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan”
Pero nasaan na sila ngayon?
Kabataan kailangan kayo ng bayan;

Mga kabataang ating inaasahan
Hindi malaman kung sila ay nasaan
Magandang kinabukasa’y pinabayaan
Nagmistulang ng sakit ng lipunan;

Sino-sino nga ba ang dapat sisihin
Sa nangyayari sa kabataan natin?
Gobyerno, media o ang sarili natin?
Kaibigan tanong ko’y iyong sagutin;

Magbago na kayong mga kabataan
Kayo ang inaasahan ng bayan
Mayroon pa kayong pagkakataon
Upang maituwid maling kahapon;

Huwag ninyo sanang bibiguin
Ang panawagan ng bayan natin
Lalo si Rizal na nagsabi sa atin
“Kayo ang pag-asa ng bayan natin”.

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  • Cristene on Mar 23, 2008

    There’s a lot of reason why teenagers turned into the wrong directions… sometimes caused by what they seen on tv, they want to experiment things like what they saw.. soemtimes friends, they want to be like them without thinking if it is a good or bad things.. bcos they always think about being a good friend and the companionship. sometimes caused about their “family” separation.. mostly . soemtimes parents 4get about what their kids thinks and feel about it… Oh and not only youth picked the wrong directions soemtimes, WE “adults” too. So if the youth is the hope of the land..Then WE, adults have to be a good example for them..

  • mannyrod66 on Mar 23, 2008

    “Who really are to be blame?”——(blamed)

    social systemic corruption – laking problema no?

    two elements ng salot na ito. taongbayan at punongbayan. kailangan both mabigyan lunas. di pwedeng isa lang sa kanila. got to be both! start sa base ng community-family. bago magsanga ng masama.

    big job beeing a father or mother. sometimes, even they gave it all their best, parang may mali pa rin.

    sana, lahat ng anak ay matatag at wasto ang isip.

  • nobert bermosa on Mar 26, 2008

    hello guys,

    what more can i ask for. thanks for the support.


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