I sing to the mightiest of all gods, the leader of the heaven and a mighty fine gentleman. The mighty god of the sky and the weather, all-powerful,
Zeus, the First Cause of Nature, who rules all things with Law.
When it rains, I shall thank Zeus. When it shines brightly I will thank Zeuz, and even when it destroys my crops, I still thank Zeus. O Zeuz, nothing on Earth comes to be without you. No seas, no water, no food, simply nothing.
O Zeus, giver of all, watching us while he is above. His lightning strikes anyone with fear, anyone stupid enough to cross his path
O Zeus the world is not perfect, but with you it is very close to it. Men and women do foolish things. They commit sins and treachery, they break laws and hope to get away with it. They do not care for other but only themselves, selfish fools that value themselves superior to others. Please O mighty god, fix the foolishness of these people, teach them right from wrong. Zeus, gods of the gods and greatest,
 lord of all, the fulfiller who whispers words of
wisdom to Themis and his son Cronos.
O great one, be kindly in heard and help me and my family achieve a good future. Please allow the weather to allow my crops to live.

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