Whose, whats and how are fine. But only in the right place and right time.

These ten questions a real man should never ask when he want to do……

  1. Can I have a raise? Even the meek are set to inherit the earth ahead of the guileless.
  2. Are you sure this is okay? It’s only too good to be true when you thinking about it. Don’t start raising questions at this point. Carper Diem, always. Before they change their mind.
  3. You find that funny? Escalating confrontations is all good fun at the time, but no exchange that includes this is ever going to end well positively. When you feel the rage boiling over, remember the sage words of Vito Corleone: “Never tell anyone outside the Family what you’re thinking.”
  4. What’s the latest I can get this to you by? A sure-fire confidence buster to bosses/ clients/ whomever. It implies that your grasp of that invaluable tool, the margin of error, is nonexistent. If anyone ever asks you this, lie and bring their deadline forward by a week.
  5. How was that for you? Caring? Nah, this is needy written all over it. Unless of course your superior technique has brought her out in a mini-fill of the Mariah Careys and you look as if you’re demanding a thank you.
  6. What’s you star sign? This is the sort of insipid banter women can trade between each other with impunity, but coming from a man, it sounds vaguely creepy. Also, along the lines are nice weather we’re having and what do you do for a living? Be creative man.
  7. Who’s playing? It’s cricket. Shut up, sit down and work it out for yourself man! You’ll be asking to have a Yorker explained next.
  8. How many guys have you slept with? The answer is only going to infuriate you further. There’s also a chance that in your moment or rage, you might call her a slut. Not cool.
  9. What would you like to do tonight? In the early days of a romantic dalliance, benign dictatorships are very often successful-whereas anything that can be perceived as indecision will see you receiving the pink slip in double time. It’s dinner, you’ve booked it, and she’ll bloody well like it. See sexy isn’t it?
  10. Are you still a virgin? Irrespective of whether we are you are, you’re stupid.
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  • h20ho on Jun 8, 2012

    I don’t know what a ‘real man’ is

  • Angry Animal on Jun 8, 2012

    I think a real man is when you are yourself, and you are who you are, you take care of your business.
    Hope you\’ll like this..

  • Angry Animal on Jun 8, 2012

    I think a real man is when you are yourself, and you are who you are, you take care of your business.
    Hope you’ll like this..

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