Vision board is an idea that assists you in realizing your dreams.

Traditionally, vision board is the illustrations of your desire in the form of appealing pictures, drawings, or writings adjusted on a huge poster, wall, or desktop. There are more than one ways to make vision board. Be it on paper or online, you can personalize it but the key is the inspiration it holds for you.

You can go for vision books instead of vision board, vision book can tell a story of the life you want to create for yourself from optimum health to your desired lifestyle. Finally, let’s take a look at how to make vision board in five simple and fun steps.


Create a mood for the big thing which is going to transform your life. Take a long and deep sleep at night for a refreshed you in the morning. Sit back and allow you to open up and set your imagination free. Think beyond what you think is practical without considering the limiting possibilities or scarce resources you have got.


put some nice music on and start your hunt for the images, colors, quotes and writing in magazines or on internet depending on your preference for poster or desktop vision board. For vision book, you can follow a certain theme or life story you want to create for yourself. For instance, starting from getting up early, hitting gym/doing yoga on beach, a beautiful mansion, home office, or exact amount of money you want to earn.


after collecting considerable amount of inspiring images and writing, choose the best of them and adjust it on vision board in as appealing manner you can.

Spice up

add inspiring and motivational quotes, your own power words, or remarks with pictures.


finally, place your vision board where you can face it as often as possible, yes! Frequency is important.

Continuous inspiration from vision board can be your guide to the future, by helping you to identify and clarify your dreams, prioritizing them, crafting their blueprints and managing the resources to finally get there.


During brainstorming, don’t question yourself for whatever comes to your mind, be open and considerate towards your thoughts.

Don’t get lost in colors, images and beautiful writing. It will only make your vision board cluttered. Keep the purpose of Vision board alive and select what actually inspires you. Clutter-free and specific vision board helps you become laser focused on your goals, a.k.a. desires. Most interesting vision board I have ever heard of is a figure written on roof that is to be achieved in terms of money. The idea behind writing it on roof was seeing it as soon as the eyes open.

Hint: select the only ones that inspired you instantly and gripped your attention for long time.

Vision boards should not be static, you can change or replace the pictures as often as you get inspired-unchangeable part is the desire.

Lastly, vision board is only for you, so don’t look for what other people are doing with it. All you need is to follow your heart and get inspired every day. Good luck!

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