I love qoutes!

In a Beauty Pageant.

JUDGE: How would you describe

 your boyfriend as insect in your life?

GIRL: My boyfriend is a BEE.


GIRL: because he sucks my flower everyday! lol!


There’s 1 bald women wearing a yellow clothes,

yellow pants and yellow shoes.

She ride on a yellow Jeep, she get money on her yellow wallet.

She dropped the jeep, and she ride on a yellow tricycle.

She got home on her yellow house and she take a bath on her yellow

Cr and she use the yellow soap and yellow towel. 

After, she use the yellow mirror. In her drawer she saw the green comb.

QUESTION: Why the women not use the green comb?

Grandmother: wow! your teeth is so amazing! Look like exam!

Grandchild: why Grandma?

Grandmother: 1 seat apart!

Grandchild: also your teeth Grandma looks like test!

Grandmother: it’s OK my Grandchild, than to your Grandfather, all students are lazy!

Grandchild: why Grandma?

Grandmother: all are ABSENT!

a sweet talk of a pencil and eraser

Pencil: I’m really sorry

Eraser: for where?

Pencil: because every mistake you’ll always there,

you lose part of yourself to correct me..

Eraser: it’s OK..I also made for you, in fact, I love when i get lost, i wish you find another to erase your new mistake :(

Girl: love,where are you?

Boy: I’m here in the park, sitting and you?

Girl: I’m here, watching love story.

Boy: Oh sweet.. where are you really?

Girl: I’m here in park watching you, while hugging someone else, tearful… ouch!

Love Story:

teacher ask a question..

Teacher: If you become a part of the human body what part and why?

Girl: Eyes, so I see who’s true to me and who love me.

 the boy answer..

Boy: the sad part is you will cry, because even you see you didn’t feel if it is true..

the girl mind and asked..

Girl: If you become a part of human body what part and why?

Boy: Hands, to wipe your tears, because you see the wrong that you assume is true… :)

funny and sweet conversation:

BOY: are you a monkey?

GIRL: cocky!

BOY: because you always hanging in my heart..

GIRL: can you rest?

BOY: why?

GIRL: coz you running through my mind!

BOY: wow! OK i will get some ladder

GIRL: for where?

BOY: coz i will be your suitor.

GIRL: pick my heart.. it fell to you…

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