Love the person always give value to you.

If the one person is really for you, even he/she lost in a long time , you will meet each other again. You know when? When the right is wrong and when can be the wrong.

In life, many times you will love. But one person will come and you never forget it. Even your not meant to be together, but he/she the one who gives meaning in your life.




Best friend

Special friend

Good friend

Every relationship has it’s own END.

Except only for one:


Now think an acronym with ”ILY”


Ironic right? But it’s true.

If you really love one person, don’t think if what you do when he/she lost. The best way you think is, what will you do to make he/she stay and not leave you.

Life is not about to the people who are true in front of you, but those people who remain true behind your back.

I hate the person loves only the external appearance of one person! Right? It is better to love the person on its inside rather to love a person by its PHYSICAL APPEARANCE. That’s true love.. you accept what ever your love like..Remember that PHYSICAL APPEARANCE with fade while the GOOD ATTITUDE REMAIN!

I ask the young girl playing, I said..

”If you would be a toy, what would you be?

She said..

” I want to be a BARBIE DOLL I ask her why, and she said..

‘’so all men, do not PLAY me”

Loving in wrong person is like a BUBBLE GUM, tho kind of chew you do, it will comes in the time that It will loses sweetness or flavor. It is in you if you will make a balloon and play with it. Paste and leave everywhere. Or swallow so it will be a part of your body. But remember, swallowing the BUBBLE GUM is not good to your health, same in person that no persistence don’t know how to love and stand for you.

No one relationship is perfect, It is what you give and receive from many different ways that can make the perfect COMBINATION.

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  • sabanawaz on Jun 16, 2012

    great and thankyou for share

  • sabanawaz on Jun 16, 2012

    great and thankyou for share.

  • catherine B. on Jun 16, 2012

    thank you for reading my articles..

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