I think the title said it all.

“There are many people who are better than me, but they’re all dead.”

“Insane asylums are constructed for those who have seen reality and refuse to surrender to it.”

“Keep singing. There’s still paint on the walls; the structure is still standing – though the foundation is beginning to shudder.”

“Scientists can’t see into the spirit world because they don’t have time to look up from their experiments.”

“Did the universe create itself?  We only know that the first IT recreates itself, because both the dead and living multiply, but that’s all we know.”

“You laugh because everyone is laughing. I laugh because I have a mind that works.”

“Just as a mother freely gives her love, so will other people freely give you the opportunity to prove yourself.”

“I’ve always thought that if a lady is supposed to smell like flowers, then a man should at least smell like something worthy to be near a flower.”

“Talking to you is about as interesting as shoveling gravel into a muddy pit.”

“The more you talk, the more lonely you’ll be.”

“Well, it’s hard to see at night.”

“What a wonderful disaster.”

“Are you having a good time?”

“I can recall having a good time, but not very recently.”

“You’re much better at talking than communicating.”

“He has no enemies, just disgruntled friends.”

“I don’t read autobiographies to understand the truth of the matter, I read them to spice up my perception of life.” 

“Yes. Let’s forget about this tedious analyzation of facts and just argue.”

“Man cares deeply about the well-being of animals, until the moment he leans back from the table and announces, ‘I’m full.’”

“I like to listen to him while thinking about more interesting topics.”

“When I’m with you, I think to myself, ‘Being alone isn’t such a bad thing after all.’”

“When I think of how long we’ve been friends, I envy strangers.”

“When I think of how long we’ve been friends, I also reflect on how I’ve wasted my life.”

“I live to protest the absence of the dead.”

“Don’t just be concerned about your present looks, be concerned about the oncoming wrinkles and discoloured skin.”

Liked it
  • evcalangian on May 30, 2012

    Some are funny. Thanks for the share.

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