You have to know what it is like to be in the dirt before you know what it is like to feel cleaned. You can’t fully appreciate fresh air if you have not experienced polluted air. The sea is too large for you to comprehend but you can look at the waves any time you like.

You have to know about being down in the dumps before you know what it is like to be raised up

You need to know what it feels like to be all alone in a valley before you can really appreciate being on a mountain top

You should know that reaping involves sowing seeds. Don’t stop sowing, even if you see that nothing is happening

Getting a prize before you deserve it might mean you fall into temptation

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Sometimes you fear because you think you will never get better. Just believe it will get better but don’t weary yourself thinking about how or when it is going to happen

The answer is actually simple but others complicated it for you. Just because it is simple, does not mean it is not deep

Just keep going forward, even though you might be crawling at this time.

Don’t believe that you understand what is happening. Leave room for future revelation

You have not grasped it because it is too big to grasp my friend

Turn a curse into a blessing and you will discover that that blessings are more powerful than curses and that curses can be broken

Don’t listen to people who always threaten you about something

Make sure you get rest when you need it

You can’t change people overnight. 

Patience is a virtue of a great man

In order to learn wisdom you will need to make a fool out of yourself often

At least you are trying

If you think that something is the biggest, you are wrong! There is something bigger but people can’t see it right now

It might take years for someone to realize you had good intentions all along

Don’t be surprised when do good to someone and they repay you with evil

Not everyone believes that good is possible

Some things cannot be categorized yet, so don’t try to slot them into a file. Simply leave it out for now

What is the worst thing that could possibly happen? Surely it is my greatest inner fear

Death is not the end. It is simply something that people worry about too much

Respect life more than death and maybe you will have the will to live just for for today

Don’t waste too much of your essence on people who do not deserve it yet

When you understand something, it might not be the time to explain it to everyone

The more you try to learn something, the more you should see that you know nothing about it.

Your first hunch might of been the correct one but it also might not of been

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket they say but why do they only have one basket?

Pure evil is something that cannot be understood. Don’t try to understand the motive. Just know it is evil

Good is obvious when you come close to it. You can “feel” it

There is nothing wrong with being afraid. Just don’t be totally overcome with fear

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