A break-up poem

so hard 2 forget no matter how mani times i’ve tried
i cant persuade maiself no matter how mani times u’ve lied
aint got no1 new, that’s better than u
i cant convince maiself, tho i think that i do
i’m stuck in tha mud, will u ever help meh out
cuz i’m so damn confoozed wut u meh r about
i could just ask u out? right, steada wastin mai time
even if u turned meh down, shit would still be fine
at least i could move on and kno u realli dont love meh
insteada dreamin up u kissin meh n tryna hug meh
so lovely, so short, “us” wuz so damn good
i thot it’d neva end- oops, knock on wood
neva saw tha distance realli, neva thot u’d break mai heart
i neva thot that ne thing could tear us apart

Liked it
  • genisis on Jun 5, 2007

    dam that’s deep

  • ivee on Oct 6, 2008

    wow!! i feel tha same way!! >.

  • Dennis on Dec 1, 2008

    damn thats gud bro

  • lowellnicholas on May 5, 2009

    i really like this poem because it really expresses emotion and takes out all of his or her anger

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