Rap and watever you think!

im sick whenever,im on a track,stick run it back,yeah im sick when im,on the beat,line so big hit so sick,thanks to my drink,got me so stink,like the junk man sing,(you)yes i do me,you sunk and strink,see my neck with the bling,you cant afford this thing,marry yo girl with a wedding ring,ding the bell ring,yo got scare cause you cant think,sing or rap baby,im a listen to your yap baby,i need a real baby just to nap,dont crie cause he die,im a alive,

ravindra george out dude!! not much but you know….

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  • LadyGanja on Apr 19, 2010

    We should battle sometime :)

  • EMOSHERRY on May 13, 2010

    im better bled! can merk ur face and leave you disgrced my flows too toght so i ake a mind battle.

  • leesalava on Aug 30, 2010

    weak. made me feel like i took unisom. no offense. peace]

  • Phenom on Apr 27, 2011

    You got 5 seconds to vacate the stage
    before I blow the MIC up like a hand- grenade
    causin nothing but pain, you better get out my way not a murderer, just a lyrical killa, I don’t blaze guns, I blaze MICs
    call 9-1-1 it’s about to be a fight, your gonna need back for my lyrical smack-up
    throw on that tight beat and watch this MC act, call the fire department I am about to blaze this track

  • AdidasVanilla on May 19, 2011

    Who holds the record for longest freestyle in the world?


  • drdavaughn on Aug 7, 2011

    Its not fair to not tell you that this group holds the best rappers alive! http://musicouch.com/musicouching/the-best-teenage-rappers-alive/

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