yeahhh yeaah ha ha

im a smash,like i did to you trash,you cant get thru me,but i cut yo ass down like grass,

make you into cash paper,im a hero like flash,a rockstar ass move and trash,you get mad im wear,a few pads or not,cause your not so top,dont get pop cause you,just got drop,put ass on a wheel chair all strap,float on a high top,door to the line mom,i am jerry and you are tom,chase you till don,dont mine if i come along,go farther then who,cause i am arm strong,play some ping pong then back,to yo song,ooppss ha its gone,cause im a beast,yesima beast,fuckers and choppers dont go to reef,idk dont even wear breave,i love the breeze,it makes me wanna sneeze,out your fleeze,im a freak get womens every week,thats my treat,to the beach is thier treat,im so sweet and cold,like a fucken ice tea,

well thats all for now!! Ravindra george out baby!

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