Glad I only had to do this once….

Mario Here’s me and Danny workin the rhyme

We’re blazin’ the stage every single time

Dan Before you boo us, don’t reject

Were just doing Mr. P’s rap project

Mario Here’s us white boys tryin to rap and its tough!

Dan No way were getting a 4 on this stuff

Mario We want you all to get up off your seat 

And listen closely and enjoy our beat

Dan We’ll try to do this – just one time

We aren’t exactly the masters of rhyme

Mario We don’t got the cool clothes, we ain’t got the grill

Dan Were just a couple of 12- year olds trying to keep it real 

Mario We don’t got no rhythm – we ain’t got no flow

So we’re workin the beat the best that we know

Dan We’ve never thought of doin this before 

We’re warning you now you might hit the floor

Dan              We didn’t exactly grow up in da hood.

Mario           Yeah, But Danny dressed up the best that he could

Mario Yo, check it, we’re performing for you

In just a minute we’ll be through

Dan The bell’s gonna ring and we can split for the day

Our bus is waitin to take us away

Mario I knew this wasn’t gonna be as good as the rest

Dan It’s okay Mario we tried our best

Liked it
  • Gemma on Oct 25, 2009

    lol its ok

  • ModderX9 on Apr 14, 2010


  • suhail on May 20, 2010

    kinda ok kinda cool
    rapping is not for fools
    but u can still make it to the end
    rap and roll always my friend ..

    wow i can rap too, my life is through now i have to holler scooby dooby do ! just to rhyme ;)

  • Budy236 on Feb 19, 2011


  • Hellotogoodbye on Mar 13, 2011

    Amazing:D It made me laugh:)

  • kabenah1992 on Mar 30, 2012

    nice rhythm

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