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A secret banquet’s invitation from an animal planet is now screening.


You’re now listening to ABC entertainment news. Here goes the news ….

Humor2u dot com is proud to present you its latest e-movie entitled “A secret banquet’s invitation from an animal planet.” This e-movie script was originally written by its script writer, CHAN LEE PENG. According to its director, Mr. Scorpion, this e-movie took a substantial cost of $XXX million. The unique of this e-movie is that the “banquet” here does not refer to a large formal meal. Instead, it means a meal to feed you to laugh. Mr. Scorpion emphasized that this e-movie is intended to entertain the audience and to let people releasing stress from the bustle life of a city. The e-movie is starring by its renowned stars: Babu, Tozo, Zizag, Lulu, Momong, Papong, Brag, Olon, T-wire, and so forth. You can watch this e-movie via 24-hour-televised service brought to you by Stanza Ltd. All rights are reserved by Triond. Keep stay tuned and do enjoy this e-movie! Thank you!

Here goes this e-movie….

Topa: Someone said I look like a gnat on a peterbilt. Agree???

(pause for a while)

Umm……..What’s wrong with my teeth? Too big…???

I just proposed to someone this morning, huh…. I guess she’ll like my teeth very much!

Wheel (the right polar bear): That’s some real fine work, well done, Olon!

Olon: Wha’? I wish I could take your compliment.

Wheel: Never let everyone scare you! Whatever mess you’re in, I’ll be by your side!

Olon: Oh, thanks! I’m moving… (some tears are falling off his face)

Zeze: Hey, girl, don’t play the game with me again, all right? I’m serious this time, please accept my proposal!

Girl: Wha’ are you talkin’ `bout? I dunno you, you must have been mistaken!

Zeze: Yer gettin’ me to have a hit in the mouth…..

Babu: Oh, no, why my face looks like this stuff? It’s hit! This is too bad `coz it doesn’t look like me……

Liked it
  • Eddie Starr on Jun 12, 2008

    “Yes Sir, Bobo cat Sir!”

  • louie jerome on Jun 12, 2008

    Some cute pictures.

  • IcyCucky on Jun 12, 2008

    Fun piece, and cute pictures!

  • Judy Sheldon on Jun 12, 2008

    Chan, this is awesome. Good job.

  • valli on Jun 13, 2008

    Nice article, cute pictures.

  • Alexa Gates on Jun 14, 2008

    great article Chan :)

  • Lucy Lockett on Jun 15, 2008

    That is creative, loved the pics!

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