Dear Ms Agent;

Give me a minute and I’ll tell you about the greatest story ever told about the next Hollywood Blockbuster delivered right to you.

It’s about,
Michael, a humanoid Scorpion-man (Scorpio) with scorpion-anatomy, who in search of his real true identity is brought into the worldwide conflicts between Professor Xenia’s superheroes humanoid team: The Fantastic-Men against the Fraternity-Brothers humanoids team led by her brother Elvis-Naturo; and the conflict between human-kind and humanoid-kind; and Michael joins the Fantastic-men as a member to counteract Naturo and the Fraternity Brothers where’s found some of his life enemies.

        You should read this screenplay because this screenplay’s the ultimate screenplay you’ve ever had to read in your life.

       My action-fantastic genre, feature lenght film’s called: SCORPION-MAN, with it’s first episode (first of  it’s five episodes) entitled “THE FANTASTIC-MEN”.

      When it fully came to the entire human population race that the Earth was filled with Extra-terrestrial humanoids that had super powers… magical powers… occult powers… fantastic powers… bestial powers and all sorts of powers beyond human imagination, the leaders of Earth afraid of this new extra-terrestrial race and their powers decided to take action against them by all registering them to know who they all are with future hope of localising them and sending them back to their planet. A team of humanoids under the name “The Fraternity-Brothers” formed by a man named Naturo, fights against humanoid xenophobia and racial segregation. Michael called Scorpio, a criminal working for the Britsh secret services is a humanoid Scorpion-man looking for his real true self identity. All he knows is that he’s and was a humanoid… scorpion-man, but he doesn’t know who altered, mutated and developed his scorpion-man anatomy and morphology by filling and transforming his body’ scorpioned-segments into adamantine metal to improve his scorpion-man-like anatomy and use him as a weapon of destruction. He has dreams he can’t interpret in which is always questioned his origins and who he really is… memories which he can’t explain… in which he needed many answers especially from someone who could answer his mutation from a humanoid scorpion-man to a mutated adamantine humanoid scorpion-man… Luckily for him his way meets that of a certain Professor Charlene Xenia who has answers to his entire questions about the humanoids on Earth and his scorpioned self “adamantinization”. At the time he meets Charlene Xenia, she has opposing views on humanity’s relationship with humanoids to her brother Elvis or Naturo of The Fraternity Brother’s Team and they are on a brink of war. Xenia believes humanity and humanoids can coexist, but Naturo (who manipulates the Magnetic Powers of all the Five Elements of Nature) believes the contrary and wages a coming war, in which he intends to fight humanity race. Naturo and his team starts worldwide terrorism and vandalism… they kill high-ranking men, and they destroy cities and other settlements. Xenia with her twelve Fantastic-men. Brian (Runner) the super-speed super-runner, Weslea (Invisiblegirl) the invisible woman and forcefield striker, Herrick (Invincibleboy) the invincible soldier and time manipulator, Caleb(Elastos) the elasticboy stretcher, the twins Ashley and Kimmy who are elemental forcefields shooters, the quintuplet sisters with the elemental powers: Janet (Fulgura) of the Thunderbolt element, Elizabeth (Aera) of the Air element, Alice (Terra) of the earth element, Mary Kate (Focus) of the Fire element and Karen (Aqua) of the Water element; Scorpio, the Scorpionman the coming twelfth member of the team all stand in the way of Naturo and his evi-cruel ambitions. All twelve Fantastic-men under the leadership of Xenia step up to challenge Naturo and the Fraternity Brothers composed of the one-eyed giant Cyclops, the super-obesed Titan, the humanoid terrorist Furies sisters, the gigantic muscular clawed Gigantes and the super-lizard Chameleon; in various devastating and destructive battles to protect humanity against humanoid, in which all the forces of nature are furied and used by the two sides against each other, and which costs much on nature and it’s ecosystem. The Fantastic-men also face resistances from the human leaders who want to condemn all humanoids including they the Fantastic-men in various unsuccessful attempts… of which one was the creation of mutant humanoids to battle the Fantastic-men.

           I’m called Djeukem Loic Cabrel and i’m from African origins in Cameroon. I’m a bilingualist speaking English and French language. I’ve written seven scripts (2 war epic, 3 romantic, 1 fantasy scripts) in the french language which I sold in France and Belgium. This’ a new script i’m writing and it’s my first script in the English language, and i’m looking for a new agent to get the this new script into the anglophone market. I’ve written the script based on personal experience: the battles in the story are related to personal experiences in my country and the script’s fictional part was an inspiration revealed to me in a dream, from where on I started gathering the stuff in an idea and which gradually grew up in my head to a five episode film series. The Fantastic-men is the first episode of The Scorpion-man film series.

I’ve done market research which suggests that there’s a lot of movie to be made in this genre after the success of similar genre movies like The Green Lantern… and much more. This is the screenplay that could turn everyone involved into icons.
Please kindly write back or call to take advantage of this fabulous opportunity to FULLY READ my already written script.
This is the script you’ve been waiting your whole life to read. Can your afford to miss out on this unique opportunity?

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