Final exam for honors english. Take a scene from Romeo and Juliet and transform it into a modern day movie scene.

Act 1 Scene 4-Pirates of the Caribbean Script



Mercutio=Jack sparrow=J=Dustin

Benvolio=First Mate Gibbs=G=Nick


W-Shall we introduce ourselves? Or shall we just walk in?


G-Yar. The age of long speeches be gone.  There not be a need to introduce ones self.  We’ll just go in, dance thrice, and then make ourselves indisposed. Yar (Optional)


W-Let me bear the light, for I am the one with the heavy heart.


J-No, we must be havin’ ye dance.


W-No. But you see, I can’t. You are the better dancer, and I am just too sad to dance.


J-Yar. It’ll be fun. Yar (optional)


W-To have fun needs you to be carefree and a light heart unburdened with the pains of love, which I do not.


J- Yar. To be sad as ye be is to be a burden to love itself, the tender thing.


W-Love? Tender? HA! I do believe you mean painful, spiteful and unforgiving.


J-Aye, Me matty, love does hurt from time to time, but ye can’t be giving up. Yar, I’ll take me mask off, people can make fun of my flaws. I care not!


G-Aye, not to impose, but I think it be high time for us to make haste. W’en we get in, y’just need to start your dancing.


W-Give me the torch. If I don’t try then I won’t get hurt.  I was never that great a dancer, and I’m tired. (When complaining, sound whiny)


J-Gar, ye be puddin’ a bug in the rum.  We’ll make ye dance, weather ye like it or not!  If ye dance enough it’ll make ye forget bout yar love.  Yar, come now. We be burnin’ daylight.


W-Umm, No we aren’t, it’s nighttime. (Drums and Cymbals)


J-GAR. Ye know what I mean. We y’are wastin’ time.


W-Wait a second. Sure we have good intentions, but the people in the party might think differently. It might not be a good idea.


J-Yar. Parler. Why t’is that be?


W-Well. I had a dream.


J-As did I.


W-What was yours about then?


J-That dreams nar be true.


W-But on contraire, they often dream, of the true.


J-I see ye be visited by Queen Mab.


G- Aye, who be she?

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