This is a script that I wrote with a friend. not finished yet.

Victoria and Hether grooming horses and talking at their families shared ranch the day after getting back from vacation.

Victoria- Hether isn’t it just great to be back? I missed the horses so much.

Hether- Yeah… I love being here and the horses just make my day.

Dog runs up to Victoria and Victoria bends down to the dog

Victoria- Hey      ! How are you good boy/girl?

Hether- (bends down to dog) Hey! I missed you so much!

Victoria- Hether, I think we both missed everything a lot.

Hether- That’s true.

Victoria & Hether- Hahahahahaha

Victoria and Hether go into supply room after putting horse back in its stall. They run into hot stable hand, hired by family, Guy Chambers.

Hether- Hey! Who the hell are you?

Guy- Oh!.. I’m Guy… the stable hand… your parents hired me before you left on vacation.

Victoria- Oh so sorry. We weren’t aware of a stable hand. Well I’m Victoria Murrel and this is Hether Mille.

 Guy- (put out hand) Well it’s very nice to meet you.

Hether- Nice to meet you too, I guess (shakes his hand)

Victoria- Hether be nice! (shakes his hand) Well I, on the other hand,  am happy to meet you. So how long have you been working with horses?

Guy- Well I’m 16 now and have been working with horses since I was 9 so about 7 years.

Hether- (gives Guy a dirty look)

Victoria- Wow! That’s a long time! Where did you work before?

Guy- I worked at the other ranch just up the hill.

Hether- That’s bullshit! He’s lying! There is no ranch up the hill!


Guy- If you don’t believe me I can drive you up there in my truck.

Hether- I’d rather walk than be in a car with you

Victoria- Hether!

Hether- What!? I’m just being honest!

Victoria- I’m sorry about Hether. She doesn’t like people. It took her years to be my friend.

Guy- It’s alright. So what do you say? You wana go? I am on my break after all.

Hether- No thank you!

Victoria- Of course we would!

Hether- I hate you

Victoria- I love you too.

Guy- Haha! So follow me

Liked it
  • Netty net on Oct 7, 2012

    I don’t know what to think,

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