This is a script that I wrote with a friend. not finished yet.

Sophie- More than just her!

Vince- Oh hey Guy! Who’s the little lady?

Victoria- I’m not little. I’m 14.

Vince- I know but he’s 16. You know that right?

Victoria- Yes I do!

Vince- Well if I insulted you I’m sorry

Victoria- (rolls eyes)

Vince- So you guys want a tour or something?

Hether- Yeah!

Victoria- Ok but only because you apologized.

 Vince- Well thanks giving me a second chance.

Hether- Hehe

Vince- ok then

The group goes to the barn first

Vince- Here we are at the barn and to your left is our newest pony pal, Eli Reed.

Eli- (Nods) Wass up everybody?

Sophie- (Gives him a look) these are the people from the ranch down the hill.

Eli- Oh I see

Sophie- (smiles)

Vince- Ok moving on! Eli isn’t important. Lets go!

Sophie- (hits Vince) That’s not nice! You should let our guests socialize with our crew.

Hether- I don’t like him.

Vince- I’m still deciding.

Eli- Aww Vincey… you don’t like me? (He said sarcastically) (Smirk)

Vince- Shut up!

Victoria- Come on… He looks nice…

Eli- (gives Victoria a sexy look)

Guy- (gives Eli dirty look) Yeah I guess.

Sophie- (jaw drops)

Vince- Ok now I’m serious. Moving on!

Eli- (winks at Victoria)

Victoria- (little wave)

Guy- (still giving Eli dirty look)

Now they move onto riding arena

Vince- This is where my sister and I ride. All our horses are professionally trained. That’s it because no one really cares about anything else.

Victoria- Thanks for the tour… Hey do you guys want to go and hang out sometime?

Sophie- Sure! I would love to! I’m always looking for an excuse to get out of the house.

Vince- Yeah me too and now it’s nice to know that there are more kids up here than just us.

Eli- (approaches)

Sophie- Hey Eli! What are you doing over here?

Eli-(looking at Victoria) Oh it’s time for my break and I figured I would spend it with all of you.

Vince & Guy & Hether- (dirty look)

Sophie- How nice of you. So what do you guys want to do?

Victoria- We should go out and explore the forest… You know like how little kids do… Its great to feel 5-years-old every once in a while.

Liked it
  • Netty net on Oct 7, 2012

    I don’t know what to think,

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