This is a script that I wrote with a friend. not finished yet.

Sophie- No no no please no!

They are walking back up the hill to go home.

Victoria- Did you hear that?

Eli & Guy- Hear what? (Exchange dirty looks)

Victoria- That noise… from the bushes.

Vince- Yeah I hear it. (pulls Hether and Sophie closer)

Eli & Guy- (try to put their arms around Victoria)

Guy- (Try to push Eli’s arm away)

Eli- (pushes Guy)

Guy- Move it ass whole

Eli- 4 syllables… good job.

Guy- (throws punch at Eli)

Eli- (Eli dodges it and hits Guy in the stomach)

Sophie- (runs off)

Vince- (turns to Hether) I have to go get her. Try to stop these guys.

Hether-(Breaks up fight) Stop it you fucking retards! No girl wants to see this! (takes Victoria b y the arm and starts walking ahead of them)

Victoria- You do know that girls love it when guys fight over them right?

Hether- Yeah I know… I mean that was really hot and all but it’s bad enough that their feelings will get hurt when you choose one why make them hurt physically.

Victoria- Good point.

Eli- Smooth move dumbass.

Guy- Hey! It was smooth until you came and fucked it up.

Eli- No. I was perfectly smooth until you came and went all spaz on Victoria’s ass.

Guy- Hey! I did nothing to Victoria you asswhole.

Eli- You don’t know that. (turns away from Guy and casually walks faster to meet up with Victoria.)

Guy-(comes up from behind Victoria and Hether and puts his arms around them.)

Hether- (Hits Guy in the stomach) What the fuck are you doing freak!?

Eli-(laughing) (puts arm around Victoria in a cool way.)

Guy- Shut up Eli! I don’t see you taking a punch anytime soon!

Eli- Yeah because I don’t scare girls.

Eli & Guy- (Bickering)

Victoria- Shut up both of you! It’s bad enough we might get eaten by an unknown creature but you guys are just going to turn around and kill each other now!? Real smart.

Hether- Let’s go catch up with Vince and Sophie.

They all walk in silence until they make back to they barn. It’s already late so Victoria and Hether say good bye to all of them and get into Guys’ car.

Victoria- So what was that all about Guy!?

Liked it
  • Netty net on Oct 7, 2012

    I don’t know what to think,

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