This is a script that I wrote with a friend. not finished yet.

Guy- About what?

Hether- Oh my god! You and Eli dumbass!

Guy- Oh… that. Well…

Victoria- uh huh?

Guy- Maybe I shouldn’t tell you.

Victoria- Not tell me what?

Guy- Okay. Here it goes… I know who Eli is. I know what he’s done. I know what he’s like. You don’t want to get tangled up in that.

Victoria-  Tangled in what. Just tell me.

Guy- Eli was adopted. His parents didn’t want him and just left him on the streets at the age of 6. He saw how people were and he saw how people treat each other on the streets. So… Monkey see… monkey do. He became this guy who manipulates people into doing what HE wants. He learned how to bend the rules, trick, and deceive people. He treats girls like they are an object. Easily breakable but easily replaceable. I’m just trying to protect you.

Victoria- How do you know this?

Guy- Well growing up I had to walk through this part of town every day to get to school. Every face changed. No one ever looked the same… except this one little boy. He was always there. I learned to expect his face at every turn. Well, I recognized him today. One look at you and he knew what to do. I could tell he doesn’t recognize me though I’ve learned every facial expression he has from trying to get money to hooking up with girls. I know every technique he has.  And this is one of them.

Victoria- Oh my god!… poor Eli.

Next thing they knew they were at the barn. They said good bye to Guy as he left to his chambers and Hether and Victoria go to their rooms.

Hether- Hey Victoria you wana sleep in my room tonight. You know. Like a sleep over of something.

Victoria- Sure.

They make it to Hethers’ room. They get into their pajamas and start talking about girl stuff.

Victoria: Wow…That’s so sad. I never thought that a guy like Eli would have been treated that way. I really thought that he would be a really sweet guy under his I don’t care attitude. What a trip.

Hether: I know right! But I could tell from the beginning he wasn’t a very good guy.

Victoria: I guess. But I still truly think that he’s a sweet guy under all the dirt of his past and it’ll just take more than just a broom and a dust pan to reach it.

Hether: You have such an uplifting attitude Victoria. It makes me a little sorry for you.

Victoria: Why?

Hether: Because you’ll have such high expectations of people you will always be let down.

Victoria: Are you saying that you will let me down?

Hether: Not at all. I’m the exception that will always be by your side.

Victoria: Thank God! (Hugs Hether)

Hether:  Now to something different. Something more important.

Victoria: What?

Hether: Who are you going to pick? Guy or Eli?

Victoria: Hether, It’s not something you can just say. You have to dig a little deeper and see. For all I know I won’t pick either.

Hether: Fine then. But if you had to pick one right now or you would die who would it be?

Victoria: (rolls eye) You’re so stupid Hether. I don’t have to pick and I won’t until I am absolutely sure.

Hether: You’re no fun.

Victoria: Deal with it

Liked it
  • Netty net on Oct 7, 2012

    I don’t know what to think,

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