A young Italian girl survives the horrors of war to marry, love, live, and become a modern woman.

We can’t all go; that’d be too dangerous. Stay put, I’ll get him.

Robbie moves to the back of his truck and lowers the tailgate. Kane follows. Robbie roots around and starts to pull out a stretcher.

Robbie, what y’all doing? You can’t do this. He was warned. He –

He’s one of my “kids,” Kane. I can’t leave him.

He pulls out the stretcher and heads for the edge of the field. Dwight steps up next to him.

Mr. Robinson, you can’t carry him by yourself. Let me help.

Robbie presses his lips together.

Okay, kid. But, be careful. Watch for trip wires. This field looks to be covered with “Johnny Jump Ups.” So, one false move, and we’re history.

I’ll be careful, I’ll watch out! Just please, let’s go.

Dwight grabs the end of the stretcher and leads the way into the field. Full of nervous energy, he pulls Robbie along. Robbie chooses his steps carefully and tries to hold Dwight back.

Easy, kid, easy. See, trip wires.

Robbie points. Tiny wires dot the ground around them.

They move toward Charlie.

As they near him, his wounds become more apparent. His left leg is shattered, flesh torn and bones protruding. He uses his bloodied hands to try and hold his intestines into his slashed lower abdomen, with limited success.

Robbie takes this all in. He slowly shakes his head as a look of profound sadness comes over his face. Dwight remains anxious and upbeat.

Hang on, Buddy, we’ll get you!

A trip wire is right in front of Dwight. He trips over a rock and falls directly on the wire. The mine tries to pop up, but only manages to lift his abdomen up a bit.

BOOM! The mine explodes. SPLAT! It cuts Dwight in half and spatters Robbie with blood and guts.

Robbie is shaken. He stumbles and sinks to his knees, using the stretcher as a support. He looks over at Charlie.

Charlie raises a shaky hand and gives Robbie a slight wave as he shakes his head. He slumps to the ground and dies.

Robbie hangs his head. He SOBS. A tear runs down his bloodstained cheek. He wipes it away.

Stop it!

He reaches out and pats Dwight’s leg.

I’m sorry, kid.

He puts his hands together in prayer.

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