A wedding night, in a new home, a dozen red roses in an old mason jar. However the house has an unseen visitor to the newly weds and this visitor has a surprise for the couple come morning.

12 Red Roses and 1 Solid White Rose

Every year the family will get together and go camping. We spend Thursday packing and leave Friday evening for a family cramped weekend filled with fun. Interesting activities, stories, and an occasional search through the woods for granny keeps this tradition lively and fresh.

Granny is a woman who has survived rough times, but no matter how tough times can get she has learned to make the best of it. For instance; around the campfire on a chilly July night granny wrapped in a shawl, with her glasses on her nose looked up from her stitching. The glare in her eyes told me to hang on to my seat. Then granny recalled…

“Gather around, have I got a ghost story for you all tonight.” Here we were thinking “granny you can’t scare us we’ve read all the ghost story books in our library you can’t do better than those authors.” She reaches into her stitching bag and pulls out a picture of their small white farm house. “Kids the house you see you all know to be our house today…but what you don’t see in this pictures is the spirits that walk with me and grandpa to the table each times that we sit to eat. You don’t feel the covers move at night, as if someone crawled into bed beside you. While all of those are true the story tonight consists of something that is unexplainable.”

“Take another look at this picture…Now what do you see?” Granny you and Pa are there in front wearing a wedding dress and a suit. “Very good but what am I holding?” Looks like some flowers. “Right you are and that is where the story begins. We got married in 1951. Your grandpa surprised me by buying the house as a wedding gift. We moved in right after saying the “I do’s,” but the first thing I done was took those roses and put them in an old mason jar filled with water. Flowers were expensive in those days too especially roses. I also knew that I had better keep them alive as long as possible because I had been around Pa long enough to know that I would never get another dozen roses from him again. Anyway we got settled in and everything was great, I was on cloud nine. I even got to sleep in my first bed, see back home we slept on the floor, but with a family of 16 children who could expect to have beds for us all. The night went by being the best night of my life.

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  • Tracey Parece on Aug 29, 2009

    Was that a true story? Chilling . . . not the way you want to spend your wedding night (with a ghost in the house). I write about weddings (the more traditional kind). I would be honored if you would check out some of my articles at: http://www.triond.com/users/Tracey+Parece

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