I love about you.

1. Your voice

2. Your laugh

3. Your charm

4. Your eyes

5. Your humour

6. Your cheesy pick-up lines

7. Your protectiveness

8. Your personality

9. How you make me smile

10. How you make me blush

11. How kind you are to others

12. How you’re always there for me

13. When you’re confused (you’re so adorable)

14. When you say sweet things to me

15. How passionate you are

16. When you say my name

17. When you say you love me

18. How you love me for who I am

19. How just seeing your name makes my heart race

20. How I can tell you anything

21. How you always cheer me up

22. That we’re not completely the same and we have differences

23. When you compliment me

24. How you can just speak your mind and be honest

25. How you encourage me and support me

26. How you wanna show me off as your girlfriend to the world

27. Spending time with you

28. How you make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world

29. How romantic you are

30. How cute you are when you miss me

31. How you flirt with me all the time

32. How you quote song lyrics when we’re speaking

33. How we laugh over silly things

34. How you’re proud of me

35. How you go out of your way to say or show that you love me

36. How you make me feel we’ve known each other forever

37. How you find me cute even when I’m not trying to be

38. You’re maturity

39. Sharing stories with you

40. How you remember my favourite things

41. How I can be myself around you

42. How you make me feel special

43. Re-reading your messages when you’re gone

44. How I never stop smiling cause I’m thinking of you

45. How I trust you

46. How you trust me

47. That every day our love grows

48. When you make spelling mistakes and try to cover it up

49. Your sweet surprises for me

50. The way you protect me

51. How caring you are for me and others

52. How you laugh at my jokes when they’re not funny

53. How you smile at random things

54. How you are everything to me

55. How I am everything to you

56. How you brag about me to anyone and everyone

57. How I brag about you to anyone and everyone

58. How you’re cute when you’re sad

59. How you’re cute when you’re angry

60. When you share your favourite music with me

61. How you love when I say random things

62. Thinking of places we could go

63. Thinking of things we could do together

64. Talking about family

65. How you care about me when I am sad or ill

66. How hearing your name makes my heart melt

67. When you wink at me

68. That you make me giggle like a little girl

69. How you write sweet songs about me

70. How you send kisses

71. How you send hearts

72. Seeing you come online

73. Hearing about your day, whether it’s good or bad

74. When you stay up til early in the morning to talk to me

75. When you call me beautiful or gorgeous

76. How little things remind me of you

77. Things you say stick in my mind

78. Every second my love for you gets stronger

79. You make me laugh

80. I make you laugh

81. I make you smile

82. I make you blush

83. How you get distracted thinking of me

84. How I get distracted thinking of you

85. How we never fight

86. How you never make me cry

87. How you tell me you love me loads just to remind me that you care

88. Talking about our future (like dates and stuff)

89. How talented you are

90. How you say goodnight to me

91. How thoughtful you are

92. I love you

93. You love me

By ~Berry Harms~

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