With the help of her cat Shadow, a young woman finds the true meaning of love. Two people, Mark and Savannah, get their wires crossed in love, and end up taking the plunge into a friendship that is unshakable.

It had to be eight years ago to the minute, Savannah had stood against the kitchen sink, tapping her hip on the edge of the counter, drinking her first coffee of the day.  Having only the night before met a man that held her interest for the first time in three years.  Three years prior Savannah had hoped to never know or talk to another man EVER AGAIN!  Of course that had changed.  Realistically, how could you do that?  But at that moment, three year ago Savannah was quite determined to make that happened.  As Savannah sipped her coffee, her angora cat Shadow wrapped herself around her leg, meowing up at her, Shadows soft fur tickling Savannah’s calf.  She and Savannah had many counseling sessions about men, and Shadow agreed with her, that Savannah should stay away from them and focus all attention on her!

Being a lonely Cat Lady was not something Savannah wanted to aspire to either.  And furthermore, Shadow hated cats, how was she to be a Cat Lady with only one cat, Savannah asked her in no uncertain terms.  She had no idea either and really had no interest in her dilemma about another cat; she sauntered off for more fascinating territory.  Savannah watched her little furry butt wiggle into the living room, her tail straight up in the air, flicking like a propeller as she disappeared around the corner.  She was usually helpful in these situations, meowing her ascent or displeasure at whatever situation arose.  She was the most opinionated female Savannah had ever come across and that day was unusual for her.  Savannah called after her, “Thanks a lot Miss Queen Bee, you are no help whatsoever!”  Of course she gave her usual retort, a silent toss of her fuzzy tail before she disappeared.  “How rude!”  Savannah murmured into her cup.

Three years had past, since her last relationship.  Savannah had gotten on with her life quite well, had ‘found’ herself once more, started to train again, (Savannah had been a runner years ago and had lost touch with it through life’s little episodes that seem to throw you so painfully off track), Savannah was successful at her job, had the world by the tail for the first time in probably twelve years! 

Liked it
  • tigerden on Oct 8, 2008

    Awesome writing left me wondering if this was a true story and if Shadow the cat was still a part of thier lives…guess will have to wait until part 2

  • RJBC on Oct 13, 2008

    Great story Cat. Truly things that make ya go Hmmmm, that shake old ways of thinking/being, that require you to move your cheese or take stock of your life-where it’s been-where it’s going (even where the heck is it?),these are where the opportunities for learning the BIG life lessons arise. As always the question arises, are we ready to receive it or do we continue to bang our head against the same things and wait for life to try to teach us again? I know I recognized real-life in this story but I for one don’t know how an author can write without injecting their life/experiences into their writing. Awesome job- you know all my friends are getting this link don’t you!

  • khen on Oct 13, 2008

    Just because a cat has nine lives doesn’t mean you have to write nine pages. What do you think I have, time to read? LOL I enjoyed.

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