Who said a King can’t love a maid?

While later, the King crept into Beth’s room and found Beth outside her balcony singing a sad song that made the King to cry. When Beth was done singing she said these words that made the king realize that she was an orphanage. The king quickly went and hugged Beth so tight that even made Beth scared.

That night went so unexpected for both Beth and the King. The queen Isabel kept on complaining how the hot water burnt her so bad, but it was all a lie. She complained too much just to get the king’s attention that night and morning. The king got so close to Beth that made the queen so jealous. The king got to know much about Beth and Beth got to know much about the King that Isabel hasn’t even known about the king. The king even paid for Beth’s school fees and supplies. Beth finished school and got a High Standard job in the town close by the Echo village. When Beth quit her job at the palace and then moved out, the king so sad and wish could spend the whole day with her.

            The king kept on thinking about Beth every now and then. Two weeks later, the queen was caught cheating with one of the body guards and that made the king even much depressed. One night Beth came to visit the Echo village at the palace. She went straight at Rosaline’ room the king’s mom. When Rosaline told Beth what has happen between the king and the queen, Beth was really worried about the king so she went to search for him. The king was sitting under a mango tree on the backyard on the palace. When the king so Beth he stood up and ran as fast as her can to her and hugged her. Who knows what came next.

            The king kissed Beth as hard as he could. That was Beth’s real kiss ever since she was born. The king couldn’t let go of Beth because that was his real kiss eve since he got married to Isabel. The king stared to tell Beth how he couldn’t sleep or eat because of not seeing Beth’s face The King asked Beth to marry him and be his wife forever without any worries Beth said YES. Beth was the king’s wife, Isabel was sent back to her mom in another village. The village of Echo was filled with opportunities and happiness.

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