Based on The Monkey’s Paw: A version of it retold by me.

“I should like to see those old temples and fakirs and jugglers,” said the old man. “What was that you started telling me the other day about a monkey”s paw or something, Morris?”

Sergeant Major Morris exclaimed, “About the monkey”s paw, I have experiences about it,” he paused, “really bad.”

“Come on tell us,” said Herbert,” I wonder if you were telling the truth or not.”

Mrs. White signaled him a facial expression that means keep your mouth shut. Herbert glanced down with guiltiness.

Slight drizzle of rain began to shower outside as the clouds form a dark shade of grey.

“Well, it begins like this,” said the Sergeant with a slow and low tuned volume, “I was on my way back to my base camp in India when suddenly it rained, but there was no turning back plus the road in front would become slippery and dangerous, so I decided to take a shelter in a nearby house,” the Sergeant paused and lit a cigarette.

“Come on I”d like to hear the exciting things in India,” screamed Herbert and gave an exciting facial expression.

Mrs. White glared at him angrily and signaled him to shut up for once and for all.

“There were only candles in the house and as far as I know it looks some sort of a old fakir living in here, he welcomed me and invite me to a dinner when the rain was still hard outside. I explored the house a bit and saw all sorts of strange things, amulets, necklaces then my eyes laid on something that looked like a paw. I was wondering why he would want to keep the paw, “the Sergeant stopped and gave a puff. “I was curious and as my hand was closer to the paw, the fakir looked at me and said that it was a monkey”s paw that it had been enchanted by him.”

“Let”s just skip this part, it”s boring here,” as Herbert gave a dull sigh.

Mrs. White just stared blankly at him and Herbert could feel his mother”s rage in him.”

Sergeant Morris dipped his cigarette in a porcelain bowl and stared up at the ceiling as he continued, “I was wrong at that time, I shouldn’t have cared so much about the paw, if only I have not cared about it,” the Sergeant”s eyes slowly filled with tears, sadly he laid his hands on the side of the armchair and spoke. “I asked the fakir why would he want this ugly object in his house, he replied to me saying it was a talisman to give people three wishes, it was also something to prove that fate ruled people”s lives, my eyes lit up at the time, thinking if I have three wishes how great would it be, so I asked for it and in return I paid the fakir some gold coins I saved during the war.”

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  • Jodi on Nov 13, 2007

    Are you going to follow this up with the rest of the story? I am not sure if I believe that fate has total control over our lives. However, I do think that this story is a good reminder to be careful what you wish for.

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