A very short story about a fictitious president’s son.

“Here is your news at eight. Several UFO sightings in the US has prompted the federal government to create a committee to investigate matters. At the head of this committee will be the Vice President, William Greenleaf. William Greenleaf’s career was greatly affected by his involvement with the Mulan Cerif case.” The TV was tuned to CNN news. Andrew turned around to see somebody walk in, stressed, taking off a suit. “Dad, I cannot believe how anybody can take this stuff seriously. I mean let’s face it, this Cerif guy was an extreme drunk, and Greenleaf scared everyone into believing Cerif’s story.”  
“Son, I just got finished talking to a group of men about setting up this committee, I had to keep my mouth shut about how I thought it was….a bunch of lies.” The President paused as he unbuttoned his vest. “Right now it is my business to take it seriously. After the Cerif case hundreds of people came out and said their injuries were caused by the aliens. I try to tell people not to worry so much about the ‘threat of aliens.’ Many things will go wrong if the American people panic. Bill’s, er, Mr. Greenleaf’s tactic is much different than mine.

The TV zoomed in to a desolate, farm in disarray. Fields upon fields of rotting crops. “This ghost town of a farm is the property of Mulan Cerif. At one time, this farm was prosperous for Mulan and his wife Sarah. That is, before he was almost killed by aliens. Now he is a paraplegic and relies on a small pension he receives from the State of Missouri. Here is a clip from the end of the Cerif versus Browning Insurance case.” The TV changed to a low quality, shaky camera inside a courtroom. “This court has concluded that the defendant, Browning Insurance, is innocent of evasion of pay to Mr. Cerif” Mulan Cerif shouts from his wheelchair “You will regret this! You will be the end of humanity. They will come back, I warn you!” The screen changes back to the TV anchorman. “Later Cerif was granted a small pension per year by the state. Up next, we see the cast from…..” Andrew turned the TV off.

Tom Koman enters the room “ Mr. President, the Vice President is here to see you. Says he wants to talk about the alien committee.”

The President starts walking down the ornate staircase, straightening his tie and trying to put on a smile “Oh, Tom, tell my wife, and the cook I will be late for dinner. But ask her to wait, I will only be a moment.”

“Yes sir, right away, Mr. President.”

Tom walked away, leaving Andrew sitting alone. Andrew turned the TV back on to try to distract himself. He could only hear pieces of the conversation downstairs, but he knew it was going to turn into a bad argument. How could these two polar opposite men get chosen as running mates? His father always had a calm demeanor. Greenleaf attacked everyone, and used fear tactics for persuasion.

Just when the argument got fierce, Andrew heard two gunshots. Somebody had just shot his father! He knew he not be allowed downstairs, so he did not even bother to get up. But who could have shot the President? Greenleaf? They were enemies, but to kill the President? No. It was not Greenleaf. Who would hate him so much for his policies on the aliens that they would kill his father? But was it his father that had been shot? He could tell from the shouting downstairs that the President had been shot. He reminded himself, that the whole world did not revolve around the alien committee. It could be something else that caused somebody to shoot the President.

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