A sad emotional story of two friends and their fate.

It came, suddenly without warning, initially jolting our nerves. That sound, it may give you a fright but it comforts you. You know that once that sound stops it’s all over, finished and you are now free. The school bell had rung. We all stood up and shuffled out of the class room, every student desperate to escape the educational institute. I was out of the class room, slowing attempting to make my way down the hallways past all the lockers. The halls were packed with students and walking through the crowd to my locker became more of a pilgrimage than a stroll. I finally made it, I opened my locker and quickly crammed in all of my homework books into my bag. I shut my locker, locked it, and set off. After another 5 minute pilgrimage trying to escape the bustling crowds of high school I finally made it out of the hallways into the fresh air and began my walk home. 

I lived close to school, only about 2 or 3 blocks away. I enjoy walking to and from school, I always have my iPod so I listen to music whilst walking which for some reason I really enjoy. As I walked away from school I looked back, I could see the big yellow colored school complex and out the front a green lawn with the American flag flying high. Although, that wasn’t the only thing flying on that flagpole. Poor old William Sloss was always getting hung from that flag pole with his underwear going 5 miles up his ass. After all the wedges he’d received you’d think he suffered from a terrible case of hemorrhoids. I guess you’d never find out if he did because talking to him was like getting blood out of a stone, I suppose that was due to his Social Anxiety Disorder. Maybe that was what made him a target for bullying. I enjoyed contemplating things in my head on the way back from school, it was a good time to think, listen to music and process the days events in my head. 

I turned the corner and was heading down my home street. Ahead of me was a small figure, it looked like someone my age. I continued walking with only about 200 meters to go until I was home. Suddenly in front of my eyes I saw the figure trip, he fell to the ground his face driving directly into the pavement and his books flying everywhere. “Ouch”, I had thought to myself. I saw he wasn’t getting up so out of concern of a head injury I started running towards him. When I reached him he had a small trickle of bloody running down his face that seemed to be come from just above his eyelid. I asked if he was alright and he replied, “Yes, I’m fine thanks.” I gathered up his books for him and carried them for him. “Which ones your house?”, I asked and he pointed to the large brick house. We had a brief chat of introductions and I found that the boys name was Jesse. We arrived at his house and he invited me in to stay and since my parents weren’t home until 6 I came in. 

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