It’s a shocking fact that was revealed through the survey questions on sex and relationships to a young teenager….Read a true brother sister taboo story…..

The following answers were given to the many survey questions on sex and relationships asked to a school girl from bhayandar, a small town near Mumbai india. What she revealed was more shocking than astonishing.

The name of the girl has been changed for the sake of privacy. This girl was quite reluctant in unveiling her sexual experience and answered after a lot of persuasion. Let’s hear it from the girl herself regarding her shocking brother sister taboo incident:

QN : What’s your name, age and are you still a virgin?

ANS. : “My name…is.. Nisha, I am ** in class 10. Well to be very honest I lost my virginity quite some time ago, when I was just ** years of age.”

The answer to the next question to this girl was unbelievable but true.

QN. : Please tell us with whom did you have your first intercourse?.. Please don’t be shy; we are doing this just to spread awareness among the young generation.

ANS : “Well…. It just happened… And… I did this with my younger brother.”

QN : Please elaborate, the teenagers should know about this and how things go drastically wrong during this phase of life.

ANS : “Yeah… its pretty embarrassing to say all these, but I surely understand what you say. I know I shouldn’t hesitate, I will tell you exactly what had happened that day.

 Since my parents are both working and are mostly outdoors, my younger brother and me are left alone in the house.

I distinctly remember that day when I returned home from school. As it was quite hot, humid and warm that day, I got rid of my school dress.

Mostly I prefer wearing only the slips when at home, as it’s quite cool and comfortable. My brother was in his own room, god knows why he keeps the door always locked.

I called upon him, getting no answer from him I went up to his room and knocked, still no answer. I waited, and after sometime he came out fuming, “what do you want?” he asked angrily. I could easily make out that he was busy watching some shit movies and was really embarrassed to see his private part protruding outrageously under his boxers.

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  • learnandearn on Jan 1, 2011

    hmmm, i see that people are shy and afraid of taboo … a lot of such is happening and no even though people know abt it, they just try to ignore it and shun it or look at the person involved like a leper instead of trying to help the person ..

  • Swagatam on Jan 1, 2011

    you are right.

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