A story about my unusual mistake on twitter.

it first hi me when i made a twitter account, i was adding my freinds on facebook, asking them to mention me in a tweet, and i saw my freind thomas had over 1000 followers. i was amazed at this as it would be very unlikely that somebody in highschool who is definately not famous could have so many followers, and such a reputation on twitter.

listening to me now, it may not sound like a lot, but to a school boy, its just less than the world. i recently aske tom if he could mention me, so that he proceeded to do while i raked in the followers. at first it was fun, but then it just got out of hand.

i told my freinds what had happened and they were saying things like ‘yes, you get those sort of people alot’ so i ignored it for the time being, but it wasnt soon after that ignore i could not. i started talking to someone on twitter, and they seemed quite interested in me. a bit too interested in fact, but i let it pass as it was harmless chat, but then they started asking for things like my email, and my address. thats when i told my freinds, but they still just shook their heads and said that you get some people like that.

i was recently watching an episode of my favarite teen drama, and saw on the cat list someone with the same name, i thought this was wierd as it was a very unusual and foreighn sounding name, but again, it seemed stupid of me to question this.

i showed my freinds the chat and they wre horrified! it seemed that everyone but me had noticed that i had won the drama’s twitter competition and they were asking for a postal address or pick up point for my prizes, and i was there telling them to sod off! 

you dont HAVE TO be interested in my gormless paragraphs, i just like letting my anger out on the keyboard…

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