A mother & her daughter goes to a government hospital. The daughter is not well & is not able to walk properly due to joint pains. The mother is getting her daughter married in the coming month & she is quite concerned about her health.
They both enter the doctor’s room.

The doctor is sitting on his table. Her mother starts describing her problem. She is frustrated & starts cursing her. She says that her daughter has made her life a hell. She is useless & worthless. She is somehow bearing her after her divorce. She cannot even tell her problems in front of the doctor, what kind of pain she feels & in that hurriedly she says that doctors doubt her of AIDS.

All are awestruck. A sudden silence & pause is in the room. From behind the girl says “dingu” instead of “dengue” in her slightly chirpy voice.

The whole atmosphere is full of bursts of laughter. Even the doctors & their assistants cannot keep themselves away from laughing.

Then the mother’s say’s its okay & sometimes it happens, happens with all of us. We want to say something & speak something else. But sometimes it is funny & sometimes hurting.

So, always think before speaking as wise people do. Don’t get carried away easily by your emotions. Learn to control them to stop making fool out of yourself or to stop hurting others. In both cases loss is totally yours.

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