Sheila’s story continues…

Tuesday, Day 3 – Exhibition

                                    For the first time that week Sheila felt well and truly rested as the alarm went off at 6 in the morning. She stretched like a cat after a refreshing nap. Then she heard the flush in her bathroom go off and got out of bed with a start! Who was in her bathroom?

She grabbed a kitchen knife from the counter and stood watching with her heart beating fast as the bathroom door opened. A rather disheveled Jay came through the door. At once Sheila hid the knife behind her and yelled, “Jay, what the hell are you doing here?”

Jay clasped his hands over his ears and said, “Shhhh. Some thanks that is for getting you home safely last night.”

“Last night?” repeated Sheila confused.

“Yes, last night. Don’t you remember? I’ve never seen you so drunk in your life before. And then you puked all over the table at dinner. I brought you home and you passed out. I stayed the night to make sure you were alright.”

A bewildered Sheila took in what Jay said without really understanding any of it. Try as she might she could not remember anything of the sort. In fact she could not even remember coming home last night. She touched her left temple in confusion. Did she really do all those outrageous things at Vince’s last night? She groaned.

“I’d call in sick if I were you, and get over that hangover you are sure to have.” said Jay. “Now I better go home to my lovely wife and get washed up before work.” He slung his jacket over his shoulder and walked to the door.

Sheila followed him to the door, not knowing what to say. She said thank you and kissed him at the door as he left. She turned around and saw Mary standing next to the door, mouth wide open. Not able to face her questions Sheila quickly went inside and got into the bathroom. She sat on the pot and wondered what she should do next. Jay’s advice to call in sick and spend the day figuring out what happened sounded sensible to her.

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