A story showing that despite the hardships you can suffer,it is possible to keep moving forward.For one bad thing there is one good thing,you just have to see it.You can always find inspiration even when you do not think it.

Contemplating life today..

Going back,starting from the beginning,in the last year my life as I know it changed dramatically and though many could think not for the better and in a great many ways it has not been a very good year at all for me ,I don’t think that..

In the last year, I gave up my small business in England, which was flourishing and I had obtained some fabulous clients,some of which became good friends of mine designing gardens for the rich and famous, writing,publishing and editing as well as selling my photography,that is, until I decided I wanted to move back to Canada to be closer to my family,who I had not seen in years.

Shortly after getting home, I filed for divorce, my dad got diagonosed with cancer and died three months later,my mom is now going to undergo the knife this month because of possible cancer,I found out my daughter is gay, I have been ill myself,trying to find a job in in what I love to do, my profession gardening, and garden design, and it has been virtually impossible because of where I’m living now as the economy is not sustainable,in other words,not enough people or people who enjoy a garden and those that do cannot usually afford to put the money out for professional services, and on top of that my ex is harrassing me so all and all I have to say what a fucked up year! Lmfao!

It’s literally been like beating my head off a brick wall repeatedly,trying to get it together,trying to find motivation and so on but you know what,nothing keeps this girl down!

Moving forward,thinking about my dad, though I miss him very much and felt like a part of me died with him,he will always be in my heart and mind and quite honestly a part of me felt relieved when he died because he was suffering terribly,at the end of it,not even knowing who most people where.
I am so proud of my daughter Candice,because what she told me took more courage than anyone could ever imagine and I honestly love her girl friend Sharisha  and have welcomed her as my own.

I have a beautiful artistic daughter,a beautiful intelligent son,my mom, Debbie is not only an angel but a fighter and I will not leave her as I did not for my dad but have a funny feeling good things are about to come her way for the angels will make it so for one if them ;)

On top of that I not only have 24 new articles written and ready to be published, two new songs, an entire new poetry book I want to self publish as an ebook just to have the experience under my belt, I’m almost done editing the final draft of my novel while working on the sequel plus I have thousands of quality photos I would like to take to an art gallery..

I am surrounded by those I love and I gotta say if I had the chance to make the decision all over again,I wouldn’t change a thing because life is a learning process…So with that said this aries girl  has got one big set of stubborn horns but also a pure heart! ;) Don’t ever think life is so bad that you can’t get back up,because ultimately, the decision is yours! ;)

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Copyright 2012 Tanya Wallace

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  • girishpuri on Aug 10, 2012

    great mssage

  • Diverseblogger on Aug 10, 2012

    It’s been a long time!! But I am happy to see you back up on Triond and It’s nice to hear from you and to know that you are still creating. I hope that you will msg me and let me know what’s been going on and I have great news!! Keep it touch.

  • ahmad joko setyawan on Aug 11, 2012

    Thanks very much both of you! And I will D seeings as your one of my fave Triond friends!

  • Payge on Dec 7, 2012

    Life has thrown you some curve balls that wasnt easy to handle by a long shot.But your determined strength came through and brighter days ahead is your reward.

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