A childrens book, going through each letter of the alphabet with a short story to read with each letter and word.

A is for Alligator

Last night just before I went to sleep, I thought I saw an alligator swimming in our pool. His head was big and his body was scaly and it had lumps and bumps all over. I was pretty scared! But when I woke up this morning the alligator was gone. I ‘m not sure where he went, maybe he’s swimming in our neighbors pool.

B is for Butterfly

A beautiful butterfly flew right past me while I was in the garden with my older brother and sister. We ran after the butterfly to see if we could catch it, but instead it took us on a chase through the garden and through the front gate of our house. We watched as the butterfly flew too far away for us to follow.

C is for Cat

I have a cat, her name is Jasmine. When I pet jasmine on the head and between the ears, she purrs and rubs up against me. I love to take care of Jasmine and give her all the love she needs, but for now I have to take my bath and go to school.

D is for Dolphin

Last summer my mom took me to the beach, where we knew there might be dolphins swimming in the ocean. At first we didn’t see any dolphins, so we walked along the shore. When all of a sudden, a boy my own age yelled, I see a dolphin! When I looked, there was a school of dolphins swimming and jumping through the water. It was the coolest thing i’ve ever seen.

E is for Elephant

Today my mom took me to the zoo. We walked around and we saw a lot of different animals. My favorite animal today was the baby elephant. She was with her mom and a few other adult elephants. I thought she looked right at me, so I waved and I said hello. As we left the zoo I asked my mom if we could come back to see the baby elephant again. She said we could.

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